(Updated 3:13 p.m.)A super PAC bankrolled by the Republican Governors Association released a new ad Tuesday designed to remind Connecticut voters that Gov. Dannel P. Malloy has raised taxes.

The group, called Grow Connecticut, is backing Republican Tom Foley in his rematch against Malloy, a Democrat who won narrowly in 2010. The super PAC spent more than $218,000 last week on an ad that reminds voters that Malloy increased taxes in 2011.

Facing a $3.6 billion budget deficit, Malloy raised taxes by about $1.5 billion that year.

The ad opens with a black and white video of Malloy speaking during an October 2010 debate against Foley.

“I want to be very clear, we’re not raising taxes, that’s the last thing we will do,” Malloy says.

The commercial then transitions to short color snippets of people identified only by their first names and towns.

“He said one thing and then he did another,” John, of Enfield, said.

Through a series other speakers, the ad suggests that Malloy raised taxes on income, gas, sales and pet grooming.

“If I want to get my dog washed, I have to pay taxes on that,” Lois, East Windsor, says.

Malloy’s first budget raised the income tax and eliminated many tax exemption that were previously on the books including a $50 sales tax exemption on clothing and footwear. Although the gas tax went up during his first term, the increase was approved before Malloy was elected.

The ad was produced by Target Enterprises, a California firm.

The 30-second commercial does not mention Foley. But his campaign was focused on the same topic Tuesday. It launched a “no new taxes” online petition later that morning.

Mark Bergman, a spokesman for Malloy’s campaign, said the governor has kept his promise to balance the state budget without cutting municipal aid or spending on education.

“He’s avoided laying off teachers, firefighters, police. He’s avoided reducing aid to cities and towns. He’s balanced a budget without doing those things,” Bergman said. “It begs the question for Mr. Foley, which one of those would he cut? The answer is he’d cut all of them. He would have to sacrifice those things to keep the promises he’s making.”