New Haven Register photo
Gov. Dannel P. Malloy (New Haven Register photo)

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy hasn’t commented on the potential for Jonathan Pelto to get on the ballot as a third-party candidate and mount a challenge to him from the left.

In fact, he usually doesn’t refer to him by name.

But, that changed Thursday as he talked about the hypothetical election fight with Pelto, wrapping his answer within the Goldilocks children’s story that his agenda “is just right,” as opposed to Pelto’s and Republican Tom Foley’s.

In an interview with the New Haven Register, he was asked what would he say to someone who is thinking about voting for Pelto, a former Democratic Party insider who has been a critic of Malloy for the past four years over his education agenda.

“I don’t know who is on the ballot and if it is a question of voting for Tom Foley or Jonathan Pelto, please vote for Jonathan Pelto,” Malloy said, somewhat tongue in cheek.

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