Christine Stuart file photo
Penny Bacchiochi touring a manufacturing company in Danbury (Christine Stuart file photo)

(Updated 3:41 p.m.) Penny Bacchiochi conceded the three-way race for lieutenant governor Wednesday after reviewing updated election returns. 

Unofficial results showed that Bacchiochi was about 700 votes behind Heather Bond Somers of Groton when the polls closed Tuesday night. But Bacchiochi concluded that a recount was not likely going to give her enough to win.

Secretary of the State Denise Merrill determined Wednesday that Somers’ margin of victory didn’t trigger an automatic recount.

Merrill said the margin between Bacchiochi and Somers is currently 771 votes. And while that margin is less than 1,000 votes, there won’t be a mandatory statewide recount because it’s greater than half a percent of the total votes cast for lieutenant governor.

Unofficial results showed Somers with 27,083 votes, Bacchiochi with 26,312 votes, and David Walker with 25,026 votes.

“So while this is an incredibly close result in the Republican primary for lieutenant governor, it is not close enough to trigger an automatic statewide recount in the race,” Merrill said Wednesday. “Therefore, I have determined that there will be no statewide recount of the votes for lieutenant governor.”

Christine Stuart file photo
Heather Bond Somers at the Republican convention in May (Christine Stuart file photo)

Bacchiochi said she would accept the results of the election and move forward.

“I believe that the wisest decision for our party is to accept the results and get back to work on delivering a Republican victory in November,’’ she said in a statement.

It was not the outcome she had hoped for, but “I fully accept the will of the Republicans voters,’’ Bacchiochi said. “I want to thank all of our supporters, family members and staff for what was truly an exhilarating experience.”

Bacchiochi pledged to work with the Republican nominees for governor and lieutenant governor despite the acrimonious campaign between her and Somers.

Somers — a newcomer to statewide politics who many thought was a long shot to win — didn’t acknowledge Bacchiochi’s concession Wednesday in her statement to supporters. She did thank her opponents and all the other candidates who wanted to serve the state but lost Tuesday.

Jon Conradi, Somers campaign manager, said his candidate clearly won this election “and we’re moving on.”

Walker, the third candidate in the race, said Wednesday that he will also support the outcome of the race.