Hugh McQuaid File Photo
Tom Foley, the 2010 Republican gubernatorial nominee, who spent more than $10 million of his own money on his last campaign, will participate in the public financing system this year, according to his spokesman Chris Cooper.

Foley claims to have already raised the $250,000 in donations of under $100 to qualify for the $1.35 million primary grant. The funds will still need to be audited and approved by the state Elections Enforcement Commission. A candidate participating in the public financing system who wins the primary will receive a $6.5 million grant for the general election.

Foley had until July 18 to make a decision about whether he would participate.

In 2010, Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy became the first gubernatorial candidate to qualify for public financing. He beat Foley by 6,404 votes.

At the moment, Foley will face Sen. John McKinney and Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton in August Republican primary. Both McKinney and Boughton are seeking public financing.