Christine Stuart photo
Bob Eick received enough support at the convention to primary Trumbull First Selectman Timothy Herbst for a chance to challenge Democratic incumbent Denise Nappier in November, but he’s not sure if he’ll go for it.

“Twelve weeks ago no one knew who Bob Eick was,” he said after Saturday’s vote. “Now we have 30 percent basically of the delegates.”

Eick said he was undecided about if he will move forward and challenge Herbst in August.

“My parents taught me that with hard work anything is possible,” Herbst said. “They also taught me to lead with honesty and integrity.”

Herbst, 33, and Eick, 51, had a few pre-convention dust ups in the news over Eick’s record in the financial services industry and Herbst’s record managing his town’s pension funds.

Kie Westby, who sought the nomination in 2012 to run for the 5th Congressional District, won the nomination for attorney general. Jerry Farrell, former Consumer Protection Commissioner during the Rell administration, received enough support to primary, but has decided to step aside and let Westby challenge Attorney General George Jepsen.

Sharon McLaughlin won the nomination for state Comptroller, but Angel Cadena won enough support to primary.

On Friday night, Peter Lumaj, who had run for the U.S. Senate in 2012, won the nomination for secretary of the state over Michael McDonald, who didn’t receive enough support to primary.