CTNJ file photo
Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman (CTNJ file photo)

Election regulators found Wednesday that Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy didn’t violate any laws during his October fundraising visit to California.

The State Elections Enforcement Commission dismissed a complaint filed by the Connecticut Republican Party that alleged Malloy solicited contributions from Lenny Mendonca, a co-founder of McKinsey & Company, a state contractor.

In October, Malloy and Democratic Party Executive Director Jonathan Harris traveled to California to raise money for the Connecticut Democratic Party. Malloy has yet to announce he will seek re-election, but has not been bashful about his desire to raise money for the Democratic Party.

According to the SEEC’s report, Malloy, Harris, and Mendonca cooperated with the investigation and agreed to be interviewed by investigators.

“Mr. Malloy, in response to this complaint and investigation, denied that he solicited Mr. Mendonca for any account of the DSCC, including its federal or state accounts while in California between October 18th and 20th, 2013,” the report states. “Further, Mr. Malloy denied that he attended a fundraising event for the DSCC and asserts that he did not meet individually with Mr. Mendonca or solicit a contribution from him for either himself or the DSCC.”

Mendonca denied that he hosted a fundraiser on behalf of Malloy or the Democratic State Central Committee. He also denied that he was solicited by Malloy or the party for a donation.

“Mr. Mendonca admitted that he attended an event where Mr. Malloy spoke on issues of public policy, but denies that it was a fundraiser. Records indicate that Mr. Mendonca has not contributed to the DSCC,” the report states.

Mendonca did tell the SEEC investigator “that his name appeared on a printed invitation to a Democratic Governors Association (“DGA”) fundraiser that included on the solicitation: With special guest —Governor Dannel Malloy —State of Connecticut — Benefitting the Democratic Governors Association. However, while Mr. Mendonca asserts that he gave permission for the use of his name as host of the Friday, October 18, 2013 DGA fundraiser he denies that he either attended the event or contributed regarding the same and there is no contrary evidence.”

The report went onto state that “wWhile the Commission does not have jurisdiction over the DGA and its federal filings, a search of Federal Election Commission records nevertheless confirmed no contributions have been made from Mr. Mendonca to the DGA in the years 2013 through 2014.”

The Democratic Governors Association played a role in Malloy’s 2010 gubernatorial campaign when it spent about $1.7 million on television ads criticizing his Republican opponent, Tom Foley.

“The Commission finds, after thorough investigation, that the facts do not support the allegations contained in the complaint,” the report states.

Neither the Republican Party or the Democratic Party wanted to comment on the dismissal of the complaint.

A second election complaint, which alleges Malloy has been running for re-election all year through a “de facto campaign operation,” is still pending with the commission.