The small town of Killingworth leads the state when it comes to the broadband speeds according to a report on CTByTheNumbers.info.

The data comes from Ookla, which manages the popular Speedtest.net service that measures the speed of broadband connections. Killingworth is popping up higher on the list not because it has a lot of broadband customers, but because the town serves as a “head end” for one of Comcast’s data centers that feeds service to many communities in the lower Connecticut River valley.

The average test speed out of that Killingworth data center is approximately 30 megabits per second, much higher than the national average of 18.2. Overall Killingworth ranks #179 in the nation on the Ookla broadband test. The higher numbers could be that a higher percentage of customers in the region pay more for faster Comcast speed tiers and are more likely to test their connections on a regular basis.

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