Connecticut Voices for Children released a report Tuesday advocating targeted tax and fee hikes to raise revenue for greater levels of state spending on young people.

The report comes days after the left-leaning think tank released another study concluding that Connecticut has reduced its total spending on children and families by about $1.8 billion over the past two decades.

In Tuesday’s report, the group’s fiscal policy analysts surmise that the state’s spending rates have been comparatively low for years and that its tax rates — excluding property taxes — also are relatively low.

“The analysis by the Fiscal Policy Center at Connecticut Voices for Children finds that residents of many wealthy towns enjoy property tax rates that are a fraction of those in neighboring cities and that Connecticut has the lowest charges and fees of any state,” a press release on the report read.

The report suggests increasing certain fees, as well as property taxes in wealthy towns to support spending on children.

Read the report here