The Democratic Party has not been struggling to raise money, according to their most recent filing with the Federal Election Commission. However, that’s not going to stop them from continuing to pick your pocketbook.

“Here at the Connecticut Democratic Party, like at most political organizations, we ask for money because we need it,” Connecticut Democratic Party Executive Director Jonathan Harris
said in an email Friday. “We need the money to create the great graphics you love to share on Facebook and Twitter, to provide trainings on how to use the latest software and to engage voters.”

But unlike WNPR, which promises to stop their fundraising drive once they reach their goal, the Democratic Party isn’t going to stop.

“Can you please contribute $5 today?” Harris asks. “It won’t make the emails stop, but it will make an impact on Connecticut’s future.”

The email says, “I’m going to ask you for money today. And probably next week. Just like every other political entity who has managed to get your email address — because it’s that damn important.”

The email and the fundraising efforts are unapologetic.

CTNewsJunkie columnist Susan Bigelow wonders this week if going after “big money” is really a beneficial strategy for the party.

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