Some Apple iPhone 4s users are reporting that their phone’s WiFi is disabled following a recent software update.

The issue occurs with the 7.0.3 release of iOS 7, the new operating system update Apple pushed out to its millions of iPhone users last month. The 7.0.3 release is the second update to the operating system that fixed a number of bugs but apparently has caused new ones for some users.

CTTechJunkie appeared on an NBC 30 story regarding the issue yesterday.

The iPhone maker has not commented on the matter, but does suggest users visit their nearest Apple store for help. Apple has also been scrubbing its support message boards of comments related to the issue. One of those removed was a post written by Lawrence Lessig, a famed attorney responsible for Creative Commons.

Apple typically does not comment on issues that impact a subset of its user base until those problems are fixed. iPhone 4s concerned about the issue who have not yet updated their phones to 7.0.3 may want to wait a little bit for Apple to release its 7.1 update which should roll up a majority of the bug fixes into a single update.