Republican Tom Foley, who is considering a run for governor, is not targeting Connecticut voters in his first television ad. He’s not even spending money in the Connecticut media market on the buy.

Instead, he’s speaking to New Yorkers through ad buys he made on Fox NewsChannel NY and NY1.

“Hey New York City with your new mayor, I know many of you are thinking about leaving,” Foley says in the 30-second spot. He’s referring to Democratic New York Mayor Bill de Blasio who won his election last Tuesday in a landslide.

“Connecticut, with the same progressive policies you’re about to see in your city, may not be first on your mind,” Foley says in the ad. “But wait a second, Connecticut next year will probably elect a new governor. When it does, Connecticut once again will be the place people want to be in the Northeast. So enjoy one more year in your city then come join us in Connecticut.”

The ad fades out with a photo of Foley and his wife Leslie walking down what looks to be a tree-lined street.

In a brief press release Foley, a private investment executive from Greenwich, said the “ad is pointing out that the only thing standing in the way of fixing these problems is new leadership. New leadership and a new policy direction will bring people, jobs and growth back to Connecticut.”

Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy hasn’t announced his 2014 re-election bid, but it’s widely thought he will seek another term. In the meantime, the Democratic Party has been responding to attacks from his potential opponents.

This one left them scratching their heads.

“Tom Foley continues to pursue the most bizarre political strategy known to man,” James Hallinan, spokesman for the Democratic Party, said. “At the rate he’s going, he won’t even be his party’s nominee, much less become governor.”