Thomas MacMillan photo
On a visit to the Hill Health Center, U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy came across the “perfect example” of how Obamacare can save lives and save money: Willie Hill’s colonoscopy.

Murphy met Hill (pictured) and learned about the health of Hill’s colon during a Wednesday morning visit to Hill Health on Columbus Avenue. He stopped by to check in on the roll-out of the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. Obamacare.

Hill Health now has seven “assistors” on site to help sign people up for Obamacare, which opened for enrollment on Oct. 1. Assistor Nancee Carpenter helped get Willie Hill more Medicaid coverage, thanks to the expansion of that national health care program under Obamacare. Hill, who’s 52, will be able to get the colonoscopy he needs. That, Murphy pointed out, could be a lifesaver for Hill, and it could be a money-saver for taxpayers, who will be less likely to pay for an emergency room visit by Hill.

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