Hugh McQuaid file photo
Republican gubernatorial hopeful Toni Boucher has requested state police records on the security costs of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s fundraising trip to California last week.

Malloy traveled to California last Friday and Saturday to attend multiple fundraising events for the Connecticut Democratic Party. The governor’s office referred questions to the state party, which said it was paying for Malloy’s travel expenses but declined to provide further details on the trip.

James Hallinan, a spokesman for Connecticut Democrats, said party “protocol” is to not discuss fundraising events.

Boucher, a state senator from Wilton who has formed an exploratory committee for next year’s gubernatorial election, said Tuesday that she has made a Freedom of Information request with the Emergency Services and Public Protection Department for what it cost the state to send the troopers, who make up Malloy’s security detail, to California with the governor.

She said it is not enough for Democrats to pay for Malloy’s travel, but the party also should pay for security as well while he is fundraising. Boucher said residents should know if state employees were sent to California on Malloy’s political trip.

“In the interest of transparency, taxpayers need more information. The governor is entitled to be accompanied on trips by state troopers, drivers, and security personnel. If he uses their services in relation to political fundraising activities, then his party should also be paying for their airfare, wages, overtime pay, car rentals, or hotel rooms,” she said in a statement.

NBC Connecticut made a similar request following Malloy’s attendance at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner in April. For that trip, the governor’s expenses were initially paid for by People Magazine, but Malloy eventually reimbursed the magazine out of his own pocket. However, the network’s information request found that taxpayers incurred around $4,800 for his security detail’s overtime and travel expenses.