Hugh McQuaid Photo
Gov. Dannel P. Malloy will be in California Friday and Saturday on a fundraising trip for the Connecticut Democratic Party.

“Governor Malloy is representing the Connecticut Democratic Party at events this weekend that are central to party building. As such, the Connecticut Democratic Party is paying for the Governor’s travel,” James Hallinan, a spokesman for the party, said in an email.

Hallinan said the trip will consist of multiple events but declined to provide further details, saying party “protocol” is to not discuss fundraising events.

Zak Sanders, communications director for the Connecticut Republican Party, said Malloy was in California to raise money that would eventually be used to support his own reelection campaign.

“I guess the state Democratic Party has run out of people in Connecticut willing to support their failed economic agenda,” he said. “Instead the governor has to take his 33rd out-of-state trip to hit up his Hollywood pals for big checks. Despite claims he has been focusing on being governor, it’s clear Malloy has been in campaign mode for some time.”