Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s administration canceled the state Bond Commission meeting scheduled for later this month. But they said Friday that it had nothing to do with Republican criticism.

“We decide each month whether there is a need to have the meeting, and this isn’t the first one we’ve canceled this year,” Gian-Carl Casa, Office of Policy and Management undersecretary for legislative affairs, said Friday.

But the announcement comes weeks after criticism from Republicans about the amount of money the Malloy administration is bonding.

Sen. John McKinney, a Republican from Fairfield who is also running for governor, said that Malloy has already allocated nearly $1.8 billion this year.

“That’s the most bonding a Connecticut governor has ever allocated in a single year and represents a 28 percent increase over last year,” McKinney said. “Further action is needed to reduce state borrowing, pay down debt, and improve Connecticut’s bond ratings.”

Casa said there was no business that needed to be acted upon before December.

“The criticism is immaterial — we would get the same number of requests between now and the end of the year and give them the same consideration for inclusion on the agenda,” Casa said. ”The number of meetings we have makes no difference.”