Congress is remarkably unpopular with Americans right now, according to a recent poll by Public Policy Polling that found the national legislature’s approval rating trailing the likes of the Internal Revenue Service and hemorrhoids.

The left-leaning polling institute conducted a survey of 502 Americans Oct. 4-6 and concluded that just 8 percent approve of Congress. Although results varied with the political affiliation of the the respondent, they indicated that some traditionally unpopular things are now more popular than Congress.

For instance, asked if they preferred Congress or the IRS, 42 percent picked the IRS and 33 percent picked Congress. The legislative body lost similar match-ups with hemorrhoids, 53-31 percent, jury duty, 73-18 percent, dog poop, 47-40 percent, and cockroaches, 44-42 percent. Americans decisively preferred public radio fundraising drives to Congress, 60-25 percent, the poll indicated.

However, the poll found a number of things less popular than Congress. Like former U.S. Rep. and New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner. Americans picked Congress over Wiener 50-23 percent. The poll suggested Congress also is more popular than actress Lindsey Lohan, 40-36 percent, the Ebola virus, 47-28 percent, heroin, 53-24 percent, and Charles Manson, 56-18 percent. The poll results indicated that Americans prefer Congress to singer Miley Cyrus, 46-31 percent.