The New England Air Museum will host its ninth annual Women Take Flight event on Sunday, November 3, 2013, featuring 20 women who have built careers in aviation and aerospace engineering.

The featured guests will share their experiences one-on-one at stations set up around the museum as well as through presentations and panel discussions. Re-enactors will portray famous women aviators throughout history such as Harriet Quimby (the first woman to obtain a pilot’s license) and Bessie Coleman who was the first African American pilot in the United States.

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Among the twenty women in aviation expected are: Bee Haydu, a Woman Air Force Service Pilot from World War II who was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor by President Obama; Jessica Cox, the first pilot without arms who has inspired women around the world to achieve in spite of prejudice; Captain Elisa Raney, Navy Helicopter Pilot shot down in Desert Storm; Patricia Beckman, Commander US Navy (retired) and flight test navigator for the Boeing company; Lucy Young, Commercial and Navy Pilot (second woman carrier certified); Dori Freer, Commander US Navy (retired) and Aviation Safety Operations Manager for Sikorsky; Terry vandenDolder, American Airlines and Air Force pilot (retired);  Martha Parish, FAA Operations Inspector; Olga M. Mitchell, Mary Build and Margot Cheel of Team #5 from Classic Air Race 2013; Pratt & Whitney Women’s Council; Women Air Reservists at Westover Air Base, Chicopee MA;  Linda Maloney, Naval aviator and author of Military Fly Moms; Dena Williams, Air Force Pilot with Hurricane Hunters.

The program is sponsored by the Petit Family Foundation and presented in cooperation with the Connecticut Chapter of the Ninety-Nines (International Organization of Women Pilots). Standard admission rates apply. Visit the museum’s website for more information and directions.