The Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles has begun printing Boston Red Sox license plates and unveiled two of them Wednesday at a Capitol press conference with the Red Sox Foundation.

Since DMV announced the availability of the plates in March, more than 400 residents have signed up, each has donated $50 to a Red Sox Foundation charitable fund for academic scholarships.

The Motor Vehicle Department began printing the license plates a few weeks ago. One of the first five Red Sox plates went to Cathy Withington, a lifelong fan and resident of New Haven where Yankees fans outnumber Sox fans.

“I get a lot of harassment,” Withington said, noting that her new license plate likely will not alleviate that problem. “But who cares. I’m proud of it,” she said.

Although a June poll by Quinnipiac University concluded that Yankees fans outnumber Red Sox fans in Connecticut 42-37 percent, the Red Sox currently are the only professional sports team to receive their own license plate in the state.