It’s nothing too fancy, but Access Health CT released a spreadsheet Tuesday that allows consumers to figure out how much they would be paying for insurance through the state’s exchange.

It’s relatively simple. Pick one of the base premiums from one of the three carriers above and multiply it by the rating factor for your age and the rating factor for your county to get your monthly premium amount.

That will give you the cost for one individual. If there is more than one person covered by the plan in your household, then you have to repeat the first three steps and add that to the previous amount.

For example, a 45-year-old in New Haven County would pay $319.09 per month on the ConnectiCare bronze plan.

The cost calculation would be the base premium x age adjustment x county adjustment, or:

$215.17 x 1.027 x 1.444 = $319.09

Then you have to figure out if you qualify for a government subsidy to offset that rate. The subsidies are based on household income level.

Click to enlarge the blue chart of federal poverty levels by income below. If you want to see what your exact subsidy would be there’s a calculator on the Kaiser Family Foundation website.

The rates were filed Monday and will be refined and uploaded to the Access Health CT website later this week.

To see what benefits are covered by each medal tier click here.