Marcia Chambers photo
Gov. Dannel P. Malloy ceremonially tossed the first gallon of unused paint into a bin at Sherwin-Williams in Branford on Monday, officially launching a new recycling program that gives consumers a place to return leftover paint cans.

That’s the simple part. The program’s underlying purpose is to provide a way for paint stores to assume responsibility for how their products end up. In the past the state’s towns and cities had those often heavy financial burdens, costing them up to $600,000 each year to help consumers get rid of old or unused paint.

“It is significant that we are in Branford because of the leadership of the legislators from this area,” the governor said, referring to state Rep. Pat Widlitz (D-Branford and Guilford), who in the last several years has led the legislative charge to recycle paint, mattresses and electronic devices.

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