Mobile phone GPS systems are revolutionizing how we interact and shop, but pinpointing a user’s location to an exact point in front of a business can be difficult. Simsbury-based ConnectQuest hopes to solve that problem with a new service that gives shop owners the ability to attract customers as they pass by a storefront.

The system involves a mobile app available for both the iPhone and Android-based smartphones and a custom (and patented) Bluetooth radio transmitter placed in the window of the participating shop. The mobile app “listens” for the transmitter and will notify the user of coupons and other incentives as they walk by.  Storeowners can adjust how far they’d like the transmitter to reach, giving them the ability to focus on pedestrians, or extending it to reach a vehicle stopped at an intersection.

“You will have flashed on your smart phone their deal of the day or their loyalty program, or any advertisement that they want,” said Joseph Tocco, a co-founder of the ConnectQuest and a designer of the hardware system used. Tocco worked for IBM for 30 years on application development projects.

ConnectQuest is wrapping up testing in Middletown, CT where dozens of participating businesses have installed the transmitters. Tocco says they plan to move into New Haven next followed by Stamford.

“The big move will be Boston and New York, that will be sometime later this year,” Tocco said.

ConnectQuest is free for users but store owners are charged a $29.95 monthly fee for using the service and bluetooth transmitter.  Tocco also sees ConnectQuest’s technology having uses beyond retail in vertical applications for large industries. Tocco says the company is open to considering licensing their technology.

ConnectQuest can be found at The application is available in both Apple’s iPhone app store and the Google Play store.

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