MAY 8, 2012: In Exhibit 61, Soucy calls Nassi on the day before the final day of the session, checking in about the progress of the RYO legislation. Nassi lets him know that it looks like RYO is dead, but he confirms that Donovan is on board, and “we’ve been sending the message that the bill is dead.”

MAY 9, 2012: In Exhibit 62, it appears the bill is dead as Nassi sends a text to Jordan to ask whether the RYO language won’t be resurrected during a special session on budget implmenters.

MAY 9, 2012: In Exhibit 63, Soucy returns a call from Nassi on the final day of the session. Nassi says he is just keeping Soucy updated, but also is reminding Soucy about his pledge to provide another $10,000 if the bill doesn’t survive the session. Nassi suggests that the four payments include $2,500 to the state Democrats.

MAY 14, 2012: In Exhibit 64 and Exhibit 65, two recorded telephone conversations take place as Nassi and Soucy he makes arrangements for the next $10,000 in donations to be delivered. He lets Soucy know that the convention is at 7 p.m. in Waterbury at the Rotella Magnet School. Soucy says, “Urn, I’m trying, I gotta put together ya know the whatever dope addicts and drug pushers are gonna be writing out these phony checks so, but I didn’t forget you. I just, I I like I said, I am just concentrating on my heart.” Nassi says, “No problem man, you gotta take care of it so…” Soucy also says he would like two minutes with Donovan to thank him personally.

Provided as evidence by federal prosecutors in the trial of Robert Braddock Jr.