APRIL 3, 2012: Soucy also contacts Nassi about the RYO legislation coming up for action and says “that’s a big ahh … oops,” pressuring Nassi to act. “Let me know what you’ve got going,” Soucy says.


JN: Hey.

HRS: Josh, Ray.

JN: Hey. How’s it going?

HRS: I just got a call, the smoke shop thing is in the finance committee today.

JN: Oh really?

HRS: Mm. And calling ‘em manufacturers.

JN: Hmm

HRS: Yeah. That’s, that’s a big ahh . . . oops. That’s a…

JN: Yeah.

HRS: You know?

JN: Alright let me, let me check on that.

HRS: Ok.

JN: Ya. So for tonight you know the Mayor, Mayor said he’s coming at five?

HRS: 5 yep. Go on at 5: 20, and then. . .

JN: You know, just, just to a give you a little background, there is a, there is, you know there was some stuff that happened this weekend. Like the Mayor kind of, you know, uh, blew up. He got a little bit angry because um , you know, people in Waterbury were pushing for there to be more Donovan delegates coming out of the a

HRS: Right.

JN: And so the Mayor you know, got upset and he put like all of, all of the delegates are pretty much his people like he put his, you know chief of staff and his like…

HRS: Yeah.

JN: . . . um people who work in his office. So you’ve heard about this right from Steve or?

HRS: Yeah

JN: Yeah.

HRS: Yeah I did.

JN: Ok.

HRS: That’s why we’re, I’m gonna do what I’m going to do tonight.

JN: Right, right. Ok.

HRS: You know, but ah A to Z just text me saying that a, it’s in finance committee and they’re calling ‘em manufacturers.

JN: Oh jeez. I didn’t know about that.

HRS: Yeee, Yeah, so. (coughs) That would kill ‘em.

JN: Ok

HRS: Let me know what you got going.

JN: Alright

HRS: Alright

JN: I will, okay. Bye.

Provided as evidence by federal prosecutors in the trial of Robert Braddock Jr.