APRIL 3, 2012: Harry “Ray” Soucy calls Campaign Manager Josh Nassi to let him know that another $5,000 is on the way and that he’d like to deliver it on April 11.


JN: Hey.

HRS: Hey. You can come in.

JN: Yeah, I mean, I, I was just wondering like, uh…

HRS: Ah-hm

JN: …you know what would be, uh, agenda for today?

HRS: The, the agenda for with the Mayor is to ask him to support Chris.

JN: Okay.

HRS: [laughs] That’s plain and simple. Ya know

JN: You want Chris th-Chris there for that? Or you want him to come later?

HRS: Nah, he don’t… nah, he can come later if he wants because uh Murphy’s coming in at six.

JN: What time’s the Mayor coming? Five?

HRS: Five, yeah.

JN: And Murphy comes at six. So you, what time you want Chris there?

HRS: I don’t know if he wants to be around with Murphy. Because, we’re gonna, we’re gonna put, ya know my plan is to put uh the Mayor on the spot. Are you supportin Chris Donovan or not? Yes or No?

JN: Right.

HRS: You know.

JN: Okay.

HRS: You know. That’s, that’s the plan. And, that’s what we expect of him, from the labor council.

JN: Yeah, and that’s what we h-we hope for too. I mean, he, he’s uh….

HRS: Yeah.

JN: … I, I’m not sure that he is. I mean I don’t know. He, he got a lot a concampaign contributions when he was running from Roberti and even Esty gave him some. So, I’m sure he feels an obligation to pay them back.

HRS: Yep

JN: Uh, but uh, you know, we, we certainly would hope he would uh support him, so.

HRS: Well, like I say, that’s my plan tonight.

JN: Alright.

HRS: You know, and you know how shy and bashful I am.

JN: Alright man.

HRS: [laughs] Ya know. I don’t think that would be a good time for Chris to be there.

JN: Yeah. I mean that’s why I’m wondering whether he should come at all cause if it’s gonna be like, you know, putting the mayor on the spot. I don’t want it to seem like a setup.

HRS: Right.

JN: Ya know. I mean…

HRS: Well…

JN: …everybody there is supporting Chris anyway, so it’s .,.

HRS: Right, he – Yeah, everybody, ya know he’s got no worries with us.

JN: Right.

HRS: Ya know, and uh, tonight, like I said, my plan is, well Mayor, this is, we asked you in because uh, you know, we helped put you in office. And now we want something in return and what we want in return is for you to support Chris Donovan.

JN: Right.

HRS: Plain and simple. What’s your answer?

JN: [laughs] Well that’s great, man. I’m interested to hear what he says.

HRS: Yeah, because I’m, you know, I’m a shy and bashful guy. You know that.

JN: [laughs] Right. Yeah, you never say what’s on your mind.

HRS: Right, and by the way, uh, ah, you were on my list to call too. Urn, I need to be able to get together with Rob.

JN: Okay.

HRS: Next Wednesday.

JN: Alright.

HRS: Um, I’m going to have something for him [laughs]

JN: Okay.

HRS: Ya know.

JN: Uh, no problem. What time?

HRS: Uh, probably six o’clock. Um, next, next Wednesday. Not tomorrow. Uh, that would be the 11 tho

JN: 11th.

HRS: Six it…

JN: Alright, six pm on the 11th?

HRS: Yeah, down at, uh, Spartan’s II.

JN: Spartan’s II. Okay, is that the one?

HRS: Southington. Southington. The, where we had the Christmas party and, ya know.

JN: Ok. Alright.

HRS: The union Christmas party, right.

JN: Can we meet you a little later like seven?

HRS: Uh, let me check with the other person that’s involved with this.

JN: If it has to be six we’ll be there, but a little bit later would be good for us, so…

HRS: Alright, let me see. You know, cause this, this is the guy that’s bringing the envelope.

JN: Okay.

HRS: Ya know.

JN: Do you know, do you know how, how big it’ll be, or what?

HRS: Five.

JN: Okay.

HRS: (UI) [laughs)

JN: Yeah, I know, that’s great man. Let me know.

HRS: Mm.

JN: If it’s, if it’s gotta be six we’ll be there, uh, but if it could be seven even better.

HRS: Yeah.

JN: So, let me know

HRS: Alright. Alright.

JN: Alright, man, thanks.

HRS: Yep. Yep, bye.

JN: Bye.

Provided as evidence by federal prosecutors in the trial of Robert Braddock Jr.