NOV. 15, 2011: Harry “Ray” Soucy, Paul Rogers, and George Tirado attend a Chris Donovan campaign fundraiser at City Hall Café in Waterbury, where court testimony shows that a key conversation takes place on the sidewalk outside of the Café between Soucy, Rogers, and Robert Braddock Jr., Donovan’s campaign finance director.

Braddock is described by prosecutors as politically savvy and exceptionally motivated. The website for his company – Progressive Capital Strategies – is no longer available on the web but it was entered into evidence as Exhibit 124a.

Outside City Hall Café, Soucy tells Braddock that the money is from the smoke shop owners. Braddock cautions Soucy and Rogers that there are always people following Donovan around, so he suggests that no one mention RYO legislation at a breakfast meeting scheduled for the following morning at Huxley’s. Braddock says they should just discuss their businesses.

It’s at this meeting that Soucy delivers the first $2,500 conduit contribution to the campaign. The straw donation check was written by Waterbury school teacher Katie Pino. Braddock was handed the check and he then gave it to Sarah Waterfall, the campaign’s deputy finance director.

In addition, a recorded phone call shortly after this meeting includes Rogers providing Castagna with key details about what went on at the fundraiser.

Provided as evidence by federal prosecutors in the trial of Robert Braddock Jr.