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Colin McEnroe today will address the various attempts to weaken FOI laws in Connecticut, the lack of any Howard Beale in the legislature after the revelations from evidence in the trial of Robert Braddock Jr., the fact that ALL reform efforts in the area of government and elections in Connecticut this year seem to be in the wrong direction: weakening oversight, expanding contribution opportunities, kneecapping watchdog agencies. Also, the mystifying silence of the public on these issues. Listen live from 1 to 2.

The show was titled “Connecticut’s Political Corruption Abides, But Does Anyone Care?


Talk line is 860 275-7266. Email is Twitter is @wnprcolin.

Guests include:
-Matt DeRienzo is the Connecticut Group Editor for 21st Century Media Company in Connecticut;

-Jon Lender is an investigative reporter for the Hartford Courant;

-Cheri Quickmire is executive director of Common Cause Connecticut;

-Brian Lockhart is a reporter for the Stamford Advocate.