NOV. 18, 2011 – 3:29 p.m.: Patrick Castagna calls Harry “Ray” Soucy and asks questions about what to write on the checks, and gets Soucy to clarify that the money is being donated as “insurance against, uh, them going to the legislation.”

Soucy asks Castagna if he’s confident they’ll win the lawsuit filed against them by the state. When Castagna responds affirmatively, Soucy assures him that a victory would mean the state would move against them with legislation.

Soucy says Donovan “understands the situation” and spoke with Braddock about it beforehand.

“The chances of Chris calling the bill are going to be none, as long as we do what we’re supposed to do,” Soucy says, adding that “everybody understands politics is about the Benjamins.”


HRS: Hello?

PC: Hey, Ray its Pat. How are ya?

HRS: Who? Oh, Pat, yeah what’s up?

PC: Good, good, I got your message. I’m sorry, today’s Friday it’s a busy day for us in the shop.

HRS: Yeah.

PC: So I got your message. I was just, just kind of wondering, I mean, uh, you-you think it went well the other day?

HRS: Yeah! It went very well.

PC: It did?

HRS: Yeah.

PC: It did. Alright … Alright … um … what-what’s the-what, what do ya – what should be the next step at this point? I, I gotta leave tomorrow morning to go home.

HRS: Well, we gotta get the rest of the ten grand together.

PC: Yeah. Well, I-I go-…ya know, I got money, it’s not-that’s not the-the-the point I umm… I mean, I, I’m a little unclear, I mean, who do I, ya know, who do I make the checks out to or where should they c-? Ya know, I know-

HRS: Donovan for Congress.

PC: That, that’s on their header, Donovan for Congress?

HRS: Yep.

PC: Okay. And uh, ya know, I mean…Yeah. I’m a little leery because I wanna, y- ya know, I’m trying to see if, ya know, this is gonna-this is gonna work. I mean, uh, y-y-…

HRS: Well what this is, this is- basically, it’s like I said. This is insurance against, uh, them going to the legislation.

PC: Gotcha.

HRS: Alright. That ah- ya know, at- the court case, like ya said, you-your-you feel like you’re ninety-nine percent gonna win it.

PC: Yeah, I feel confident.

HRS: Which-Alright, which means they’re gonna go legislatively against you.

PC: Right, exactly. Exactly Ray, you do understand.

HRS: Right. So…

PC: I mean…

HRS: …now you…we-we just met with the guy who calls the bills…

PC: Gotcha.

HRS: …the speaker of the house.

PC: Gotcha. So…

HRS: Alright, he understands the situation. He was…him and-him and uh, Rob talked before-hand.

PC: Gotcha.

HRS: Alright. The things that we could not say there.

PC: Right, right, right.

HRS: Alright?

PC: Okay.

HRS: And uh, like I said, when we were up at Pauly’s place; that’s what we had- everybody had said and agreed on, we’d put up ten grand up.

PC: Mhmm.

HRS: To show that you’re serious.

PC: Right.

HRS: Alright and I…

PC: So uh, the, the possibilities of it really happening are, are pretty good then, I mean, in your opinion.

HRS: Of them going to the legislation? Yes.

PC: Yeah.

HRS: Attorney General will take it to the legislation.

PC: Yeah, they will.

HRS: The chances of hi- of…The chances of Chris calling the bill are going to be none, as long as we do what we’re supposed to do.

PC: Gotcha. Okay.

HRS: This st…

PC: Alright.

HRS: Everybody understands politics is about the Benjamins.

PC: (laughs) Yeah, I gotcha. I gotcha.

HRS: Ya know?

PC: No issues. Can, can you uh… I mean is it a possibility to wait ‘till come back after Thanksgiving because I, I’d really have to leave tomorrow. Ya know, uh.

HRS: Well you know…

PC: And then I could put it together, I mean that’s… I mean, I’m leaving at four o’clock tomorrow morning and I haven’t been home for three weeks.

HRS: Oh.

PC: That’s my issue. And uh, you know, the wife gets a little crazy.

HRS: Because it was the understanding was that’s what we were gonna do at the meeting.

PC: Right. Well, 1- ya know I’m gonna c- I’, gonna come ba-

HRS: Makes me look bad.

PC: Well, let me S-, let me see what I can do. Um, I can’t promise anything and it- I

just have to have ten separate checks?

HRS: No. You- they already-they-Pauly and-and-uh, Pauly gave me five already, which was two checks.

PC: Okay.

HRS: Twenty-five hundred a piece.

PC: I gotcha.

HRS: There’s already five grand there.

PC: Okay so I need…so I need…

HRS: Ails we need is the five grand.

PC: Five grand and…

HRS: Gimme two checks for twen…Two checks for twenty-five hundred a piece.

PC: Okay and ‘Donovan’ on the top, that would be Donovan? How do you spell that?

HRS: For congress. ‘D…D-O-N

PC: Yeah.


PC: Okay I’m writing it down.

HRS: Donovan for Congress.

PC: Okay. Alright, let me see what I can do and I’ll g- I’ll get back with ya. Okay?

HRS: Alright, cause I’m gonna- I gotta go to Meriden tonight anyway.

PC: Okay.

HRS: I got…I’ve got a function down there, I have to be at another political bullshit thing…

PC: (laughing) Okay.

HRS: …for 6:30.

PC: Okay.

HRS: Ya know. But for that, I, I could make my way back if I have to.

PC: Okay no problem, no problem. Give me a couple of hours and I’ll give you a call back, Ray.

HRS: Alright.

PC: Tha- Thanks. Thank you Ray.

HRS: Bye.

PC: Bye.

Provided as evidence by federal prosecutors in the trial of Robert Braddock Jr.