Government Exhibit 4

NOV. 16, 2011 – 10:38 a.m.: In an email the morning after the Nov. 15 fundraiser, Deputy Finance Director Sarah Waterfall sends the new donor list to City Hall Café owner Joseph Ubaldi and Braddock.

Waterfall’s email shows a group of $25 to $150 donations and one outlier — a donation of $2,500 from Katie Pino, who is a school teacher from Waterbury. In one note, Waterfall says to Braddock: “I figured full disclosure was better than partial. Bad decision?”

Braddock responds twice in the email chain — which was obtained later in the investigation through a search warrant — and verifies each time that the $2,500 is actually from Harry “Ray” Soucy.

Provided as evidence by federal prosecutors in the trial of Robert Braddock Jr.