Exhibit 21, Clips 3, 5, 6, 7

DEC. 8, 2011: Patrick Castagna, Tracey Scalzi, Paul Rogers, and Harry “Ray” Soucy arrive at a fundraiser for House Speaker Chris Donovan’s congressional campaign at the Waterbury Marriott. The group is met by Campaign Finance Director Robert Braddock Jr. as they sign in, and Castagna hands two checks to Braddock.

TRANSCRIPT – GX 21 Clip 3:

PC:  All right. Good, I’m good. (UI)  I’m following Ray.

PC:  Oh man.

PC:  That’s Rob?

MALE: Okay, thank you.

TS:  Okay, thanks.

PC:  Come on up.

PR:  Tracey.

RB:  Hi Tracey.

TS:  Hi, how are you?

PC:  (UI)

TS:  Nice to meet you.

RB:  I’m Rob, nice to meet ya.

PC:  Hi Rob, Pat Castagna.

RB:  (TALKING AT ONCE) Yeah we met, (UI) Oh, yeah, yeah , yeah.

PR:  What’s going on big guy?

PC:  How are you?

RB:  (UI)

PC:  There’s ah the, two checks here

RB:  Oh great man.

PC:  Thank you.

RB:  Thanks. Let’s get you guys names tags. I don’t know . . .

PR:  Yeah.

RB:  if we have ah, printed ones for you guys, but we will get you…

PC:  That’s okay.

RB:  Pat.

PC:  Pat Castagna.

RB:  (UI) Pat Castagna.  (UI)

HRS: I don’t think I called in their names.

RB:  (UI)

HRS: How we doing?

RB:  Good, good.

RB:  (UI) Ray.

PC:  Awesome.

RB:  Yeah, spell your name for me.

PC:  It’s ah, first name is Pat, P-A-T.  Last name is Castagna. C-A-S-T-A-G-N-A.  And then Tracey as well. Thank you Rob.  Tracey.

RB:  Castagna?

PC:  No, Salaz- ah, TS.  Sorry. . .


RB:  S?

PC:  S-C

TS:  A-L. . .

PC:  L.

TS:  Z -I . . .

RB:  Great.

HRS: One more,

RB:  One more.

HRS: Paul.

PC:  Where’s Paul?  Come on up Paul.

PR:  Rogers. Rogers.

PC:  Awesome.

RB:  Thank you.

HRS: (UI) is the ah, the other half . . .

PC:  Right there?

HRS: ten.

RB:  Okay, thanks buddy.

HRS: Alright?

RB:  Alright we’ll see you in there.

HRS: Yup.

TS:  Um…

PC:  Let me put you on…

HRS: Coat check?

PC:  You wanna hang your coat?

PR:  Yeah.

GX 21 Clip 5:

Inside the event, during Exhibit 21 – Clip 5, Assist. Majority Leader Joseph Aresimowicz is introduced to the smoke shop group during the fundraiser . Present are Harry “Ray” Soucy (HRS), Dave Moffa (DM), Paul Rogers (PR), Tracey Scalzi (TS), Rep. Aresimowicz (JA), and Patrick Castagna (PC), who is wearing a wire as a cooperating witness. Donovan is nearby but his voice is not captured on this recording.

Of note in this recording is Aresimowicz receiving a cigar of an unknown value and he is heard in the background saying “killing bills is easier than passing them.”

TRANSCRIPT – GX 21 Clip 5:

PC:  But we’re allowed to ah, there’s that Donovan guy. He just walked in.

PR:  (UI) Oh yeah.

TS:  (UI)

HRS: I just gave Joe a cigar, because he’s a cigar smoker.

PC:  Oh you are?

JA:  Oh yeah.  (UI)

PC:  Okay.

HRS: You know the next time you go down, …

PC:  Yeah, I will, I’ll bring some (UI)

JA:  (UI)

PC:  I’ll give you a little history, these are hand-rolled by an 80 year old Cuban man that lived in Havana.

JA:  Come on.

PC:  And they moved to Homestead, Florida.

JA:  Mm-mm.

PC:  And he hand-rolls the tobacco in Homestead.

JA:  That’s amazing, hah?

PC:  And that’s where I got em from.

JA:  Wow.

PC:  Yeah.


PC:  There really, good.

JA:  Yeah.  No, I appre, … (UI)

PC:  But you have to put em in the humidor

JA:  Yeah.

HRS: He knows. Don’t worry he’s a cigar smoker.

PC:  Oh, okay.

JA:  (UI) doesn’t last the night, I may just go out in my back deck (UI)


HRS: Right.

PC:  (UI) enjoy it.

JA:  (UI) a little drink.

PC:  Yeah.

JA:  Yeah that’s great, thank you.

PC:  I hope you enjoy …

HRS: Yeah.

PC:  it, good.


JA:  (UI)

PC:  Eh.

TS:  (UI) gonna end up getting a drink.


JA:  Killing bills is easier than passing them.

HRS: There you go Joe, thank you very much.

PC:  What he say?

HRS: He said killing bills is easier than passing bills

TS:  Oh, (UI)

PC:  I hope he enjoys his cigar.

HRS: Oh yeah.




GX 21 Clip 6

In Exhibit 21 Clip 6, Braddock verifies that he thinks the smoke shop group will be “fine” and makes other comments that suggest he knows he is participating in something illegal.


PR:  How old, how old was he?  (UI)

RB: You talk to Chris yet?

HRS: Huh?

RB: You talk to Chris yet?


PC: (UI) Not yet.

HRS: I want to introduce him to Tracy, the good looking one of the two.

PC:  You know that’s the way I look Rob. I told him, I says…listen…

RB:  If for some reason, . . .

HRS: Yeah. I told him, I says, you’re old and ugly.  Only the gay, even the gay guys are not going to hit on you.

PC:  No.  No, (UI)

PR:  (UI)

HRS: Paulie might have to take one for the team

PR:  Yeah, yeah.

RB:  Yup.

PC:  (LAUGHING) No, I was just asking Ray, . . .

TS:  (UI)

PC:  I said Rob, how do I say hi, Mr. Speaker?  He said, Mr. Speaker. (LAUGHING)

RB:  He’s a, he’s pretty cool about that stuff.

PC:  Yeah.

RB:  He doesn’t, . . . I think you guys are gonna be fine.

PC:  You think?

RB:  Yeah.

PC:  We’re a nervous wreck.

RB:  Huh?

PC:  We’re a nervous wreck.

RB:  I think you’re gonna be fine.

PC:  Okay.

RB:  I wouldn’t go repeating what I just said, but I think you’re gonna be fine.

PC:  Okay.

HRS: Makes the world go round.

PR:  Yup.

PC:  See? That’s how it works I guess.

HRS: Now like you said. I said, it’s insurance.

GX 21 Clip 7

The smoke shop group visits with Donovan at the fundraiser and he demonstrates that he knows them and has knowledge of their businesses.


TS:  (UI)

PC:  Yeah.

HRS: Let’s take a walk over and see Chris.

PC:  Yup.

HRS: (UI)  You’re right.

TS:  (UI)  Republicans.

PC:  I know.  What are you Democrat, or Republican?

TS:  Oh, I don’t care. I’ll be anything you want me to be.

PR:  (UI) 99.

CD:  Hey Ray.

HRS: Hey.  Remember Pat?   

CD: Hey, Pat. Good to see you again.

PC:  Mr. Speaker, how are you?

HRS: This is Tracey.

CD:  Hi Tracey, how are you?

TS:  Nice to meet you.


CD:  (UI)

HRS: How you doing?

CD:  Yeah we drive, when we’re driving through ah, Waterbury, the back way, I says, there’s one of those stores here somewhere. (LAUGHING)

PR:  Absolutely.

CD:  (UI)

HRS: Yup.  They got two now.  One on Watertown Ave. too.

PC:  We have two as well. CD: The one on Meriden. The one on Meriden?

PR:  The one on Meriden. Yup, ok.

CD:  What’s it called?

PR:  Uh, Smoke House Tobacco.

CD:  Smoke House Tobacco, ok. How far towards Meriden? More towards Meriden or more towards Waterbury?

PR:  No, more towards like Southington.

CD:  Ok. Yeah.

PR:  Like Southington and-

HRS:  You gotta understand. He’s Irish. Right next to Bitter McCluskey’s.

CD:  Ok. Oh, yeah. (Laughing). Nice.

PR:  [UI]

PC:  We’re up to Norwalk and Orange.

CD:  Yeah, yeah. I don’t get there quite as often, but that’s good, that’s good.

HRS: You’re talking to Irishman, you say this far or that far.

PR:  It’s too close to Bitter McCluskey’s. I’ll tell you that.

CD:  So, I was telling my staff. I said hey guys check it out cause they smoke. I said between you, you could get a carton.

PR:  Yeah.

CD:  You know? Check it out. Let me know how it works.

PR:  Yup.   

TS: There you go.

CD:  I’ll send ‘em up on a field trip.

PR: Yeah.

CD:  Uh. Alright thanks.

HRS: Hey, wait. Who do we have to see to get some good signs for both shops.

CD:  What?

HRS: We need, he wants big signs for both the shops.

CD:  Ok. Talk to Josh.

HRS: Josh. Alright.

PC:  Thank you.That was nice.

Transcripts and recordings were provided as evidence by federal prosecutors in the trial of Robert Braddock Jr.