State Child Advocate Jamey Bell announced Monday in a letter to Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman and Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s Chief of State Mark Ojakian that she will be leaving to become the executive director of Greater Hartford Legal Aid.

Bell held the office of Child Advocate for seven months. She was only the second person in the state to hold the job. Jeanne Milstein, who retired last year, was the first.

After a months long search, Bell was one of the three finalists selected by an advisory board for an interview with Malloy who ultimately appointed her to the post. Her appointment was confirmed by the General Assembly.

The Office of the Child Advocate evaluates, investigates and reviews how services are provided to children who are involved with state agencies and programs. The office may recommend policy changes for the juvenile justice system, child care programs, and foster care and treatment, and may also intervene in judicial proceedings on behalf of children.

Bell said she is honored to have been appointed but couldn’t pass up an opportunity to return to Greater Hartford Legal Aid, an organization that she worked at for 26 years. Bell spent four years as executive director of CT Voices for Children.