The veracity of testimony from Harry “Ray” Soucy, the former correction-officer-turned-FBI-informant, was called into question this week when details of how he attempted to give House Minority Leader Lawrence Cafero $5,000 in illegal contributions were discussed in court.

Soucy testified in court that he attempted to leave $5,000 in cash in Cafero’s office refridgerator after a meeting with smoke shop owners hoping to defeat legislation detrimental to roll-your-own cigarette shops. Cafero disputed how the events occurred Wednesday, calling Soucy’s testimony a “blatant lie.”

But secretly taped FBI video released Thursday shows Soucy did attempt to leave something in Cafero’s fridge. Cafero stops him and instructs him to take a walk with his staffer, John Healey, instead.

The transcript of the meeting is below. The video came from a device that appears to have been hidden on Patrick Castagna, the smoke shop investor who initially brought the conspiracy to the attention of federal authorities.

LC is Lawrence Cafero; PC is Patrick Castagna; HRS is Harry Ray Soucy; UF is unidentified female; JH is John Healey.

LC:    Just do your business, God bless you, as long as your legal…

PC:    Um, we are.

LC:    As long as you’re employing people, leave people the fuck alone.  That’s what’s wrong with this god damn state.

PC:    Yeah.

LC:    Guys it’s been a pleasure.

PC:    Thank you very much sir.

LC:    And I might be a future customer.  (UI)

PC:    Thank you very much for meeting with us today.

PR:    Yeah, appreciate it.  Thanks a lot, appreciate it.

HRS:  Good bye, buddy.  (UI)

HRS:  (UI)

LC:    (laughs)

HRS:  So I don’t have to do a postage.

PR:    I see.  Here?  Today?

HRS:  Right now.

LC:    Oh.

HRS:  Right now.

LC:    Uh.   

HRS:  (UI) walk across the street. We’ll do it right now.

LC:    Yeah.  Uh (UI) state party (UI).

HRS:  Right.

LC:    Well, I can’t do Jen.

HRS:  Ok.

LC:    But could I do, uh, somebody else?

HRS:  Whoever you want to walk with me (UI) be back.

PC:    (simultaneous) I, I, I just, I just want one of your cards.

LC:    Please.

HRS:  (laughs)  (UI) is John around?

UF:    Healy?

LC:    Yeah.

UF:    Um, (UI)

PC:    Wow.  (UI)

HRS:  Is there, you got anything good cold to drink in there?  (UI)

LC:    (UI)

HRS:  Uh, water. If you (UI).  I’ll find something later, it’s not, ya know.

PC:    Take a card.

HRS:  (laughs) But, geez, I gotta fill out the form.

LC:    No, no, no, you know what I mean.  Oh, this is-

HRS:  Ahhh.

LC:    (laughs) Ray, wait a minute. Take a walk with Johnny, ok?

PC:    This is great. This is great.

LC:    Johnny Angel.

JH:    Yes, sir.

HRS:  Hey, John.

LC:    You know Ray?

JH:    Yeah.

HRS:  Yeah.  Let’s take a walk.

LC:    Just do me a favor.  I want you to punch out

JH:    I knew this day was coming.

LC:    Yuh.  I want you to punch out.

JH:    Yup.

HRS:  Go over to the Officer’s Club.

LC:    And I want you to just take a walk with Ray.

JH:    Okay.

LC:    Okay?

HRS:  Alright.

JH:    Absolutely.

LC:    Have a little discussion, and I’ll see you later.

PC:    Thank you.  It was nice seeing ya.

LC:    Take care.  It was a pleasure.  Nice seeing you.

PR:    Alright, take care.  (UI) Paul.

JH:    Hi.  John Healy.  Nice to meet you Paul.

PC:    Pat Castagna.  John.

JH:    John Healy, nice to meet ya.

PC:    Nice meeting ya.  Ah…

UF:    Bye-bye.

PC:    Bye-bye.