Attorney General George Jepsen is seeking information on a security breach at daily deal site LivingSocial that exposed information on approximately 50 million user accounts to hackers.

LivingSocial, in an email to customers April 27, said the attack resulted in hackers gaining access to customer email addresses, birth dates, and encrypted passwords. LivingSocial maintained that the passwords themselves are likely not compromised but asked customers to change their password both on LivingSocial’s site as well as any others they may be using the same password on.

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Connecticut law requires companies that store personal information to protect that data from digital intruders. Should a breach occur, companies are required to quickly disclose the incident to impacted Connecticut residents as well as the Attorney General’s office.

“Once LivingSocial learned of this breach, the company provided affected Connecticut consumers and my office with notice of the incident,” said Attorney General Jepsen. “Now, it’s important to evaluate how this breach happened and what information was compromised so that we can ensure consumers are properly protected now and in the future. I’m pleased to partner with Attorney General Gansler in seeking this information on behalf of consumers in our states.”

Jepsen’s office is seeking information on the LivingSocial’s privacy policies, forensic reports on the hacking issue, and plans from the company as to how future incidents will be prevented.

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