Noting that other states like New York, Colorado, and Maryland have already take action in the wake of the Newtown school shooting to strengthen their laws, Sen. President Donald Williams and Majority Leader Martin Looney sent a letter to their colleagues on both sides of the aisle urging them to act.

“Leaders from both parties pledged to work diligently toward the goal of taking action by the end of February. That deadline is here but unfortunately Connecticut is still waiting for results,“ Williams and Looney wrote.

But with the gun control subcommittee scheduled to have its last hearing next Tuesday House Democrats and Republican leaders say everything is moving forward as planned.

Reached by phone Friday, Sen Minority Leader John McKinney, said there’s nothing new in the letter that everyone in leadership hasn’t already agreed upon.

He said by the end of the day Tuesday legislative leaders will have the recommendations from all three subcommittees and will work to fashion bipartisan legislation. He said he doesn’t understand why Williams and Looney would write the letter.

In that letter, Williams and Looney urged a vote by March 13. McKinney and a spokesman for House Speaker Brendan Sharkey said that’s not unreasonable.

“In Connecticut, we must not bow to pressure from those who would delay action as a way of blocking common sense reforms,” the top Democrats in the Senate wrote. “Please accept our invitation to meet Tuesday to move forward with the strong and comprehensive measures to protect our children and our communities.”