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(Updated 5:16 p.m.) For the second time in less than a week, police are investigating a suspicious piece of mail at the state Capitol.

The State Police Major Crimes division is leading an investigation into a letter discovered on the fourth floor in the governor’s policy office Monday afternoon. The letter containing a “green granular” substance was opened by a member of the governor’s security detail, according to Capitol Police.

Samples of the substance were collected and sent to the Connecticut State Police lab for testing.

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, whose office is on the second floor of the state Capitol, was at the National Governor’s Association meeting in Washington and not at the state Capitol when the envelope was opened.

The State Police Emergency Services Unit and the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection are aiding in the investigation. DEEP spokesman Dennis Schain said the Federal Bureau of Investigation also is assisting.

Last Tuesday a similar package was found in the Legislative Office Building mailroom, causing officials to close the office to test for toxins. In that case, someone phoned police and claimed that the package was filled with anthrax. Initial field tests showed no toxins.

Hugh McQuaid photo
DEEP Hazmat Team and Connecticut State Police go into 4th floor Capitol office where letter was found (Hugh McQuaid photo)