Google today released a new video detailing how its new wearable “Glass” computer will operate and launched a website to hand select customers for the $1500 device.

While less ambitious than a concept video released last year, the new demonstration shows how the device (which is worn like sunglasses) will project a small image in the corner of the viewer’s eye.  It operates completely by speech, apparently waiting for the user to say “ok glass” for it to begin accepting commands.

Among the features demonstrated are the device’s abilities to take photos and video of what the wearer is seeing, speech operated translation, Google searches, and a video conferencing capability utilizing Google+ Hangouts.

Google also launched a website today with new photos of what appears to be the final product design. The company is looking for “bold, creative individuals” who wish to purchase the $1500 device to apply via Google+ or Twitter. Those selected must be able to attend a special “pick-up experience” in New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles.

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