In an effort to provide more support for Connecticut’s struggling nonprofit organizations, CTNewsJunkie and the Independent Media Network have launched a new website called

CTReleases is a search-optimized site that serves as an aggregation of all the nonprofit news releases that go out on a daily basis. You can sign up for an account that allows you to post directly on the site.

Using CTReleases gives nonprofits a better chance at getting their message out. We have heavily optimized the site to increase the chances your message will be seen by those searching for relevant search terms. If your organization’s website doesn’t get a whole lot of traffic or doesn’t attract a lot of attention through lackluster SEO, post your news release with us and use the sharing tools available on CTReleases to help build your public profile and draw more attention to your efforts.

Further, we are opening to nonprofits as well. The site was originally designed to serve as a photo gallery for CTNewsJunkie and also as a way to help photographers share and sell their images. However, there is plenty of room on the site for the nonprofit community. Share your images, make them available for sale to raise money for your group, and promote your organization to a larger audience. It’s a win-win-win for nonprofits.

If you would like to start sending news releases to CTReleases, click here to sign-up. Subscribe to CTReleases’ RSS feed here.

And if you would like to start sharing images from your nonprofit’s events with us through CTPhotoJunkie, .