More than 50 people have threatened to harm Irv Pinsky since he filed notice that he plans to sue the state in connection with the Newtown massacre, the New Haven lawyer said Tuesday.

Bill O’Reilly and others have called, too, asking him to appear on national TV, Pinsky said. He’s not heeding them either.

Why? He wants to avoid adding to the “divisiveness” that has erupted since he took the debate over the Newtown massacre to the legal realm, Pinsky said.

Pinsky made those remarks in a New Year’s Day interview with the Independent four days after he filed notice with the state claims commissioner that he wants to file a $100 million state claim on behalf of a client, a 6-year-old who heard the “cursing, screaming and shooting” inside Sandy Hook Elementary School when a gunman massacred schoolchildren on Dec. 14. Read about his legal filing here.

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