We take a look back at 2012 with the top ten most read articles on CTTechJunkie.com. Later this week we’ll share our editors’ picks.

10. Review: Your Personal Drone Aircraft is Here
We got our hands on a tablet controlled AR Drone 2.0 from Parrot and sent it up a few hundred feet to grab some cool video footage before we crashed it. But don’t worry, it survived.

9.  UConn Granted Drone Aircraft Authorization For Potential Research Project
The University of Connecticut received a drone aircraft certificate of authorization by the Federal Aviation Administration, but school officials say they will be flying the aircraft for research purposes rather than surveillance. In fact, they want to build a helicopter that will fly itself.

8.  With Sleeve, Students Might Make A Buck Or Two On Taking Good Notes
Ido Volff, an Israeli entrepreneur, visited the University of Hartford in January as part of a Metro Hartford Alliance initiative to connect Israeli and Connecticut companies. Volff developed a note taking application called Sleeve that allows students to share (or sell) notes and other class materials to fellow students. Sleeve’s website is down and Volff’s LinkedIn profile says he left the company in April.

7. Comcast Doubles Broadband Internet Speed for Some Connecticut Customers
In August, Comcast doubled Internet speed at no additional cost for Connecticut customers on their Xfinity Blast and Extreme 50 data tiers. The new speeds required customers to purchase or rent a new cable modem compatible with the docsis 3.0 standard.

6. What Parents Should Know About Nintendo’s Wii U
In an attempt to save Christmas everywhere, we reminded parents of the need to install a required multi-gigabyte update for Nintendo’s latest console before wrapping it up for the kids. We also detailed the rather complex procedure of copying data from the prior version of the console.

5. DNA Hackers Look to Disrupt the Biotech Industry
We were fascinated by an interview podcasting godfather Leo Laporte had with DNA hackers Omri Drory and Austen Heinz. The pair are each working on ways to make DNA sequencing easier and cheaper. They say we might soon replace outdoor lighting with oak trees hacked to glow like fireflies.

4. YouTube’s Automated Copyright System Allows Abusers to Deny Revenue to Small Creators
An automated system that allows copyright holders to flag their content on YouTube ran amok in August as a number of large news agencies claimed public domain NASA footage as their own, forcing the space agency’s videos offline and denying CTTechJunkie its ability to earn revenue on its coverage of the Mars rover landing.

3. iPhone 5 Review and Comparison to the 4S
Our readers can’t get enough Apple news, with iPhone articles making two of our top ten articles this year. We acquired an iPhone 5 on launch day and compared it with the previous model in a video review.

2. NASA Says ‘No’ to Space Traffic Cop Role
We continued our award winning coverage of the space program this year, and our story on what role NASA will play in regulating commercial spaceflight was our second most read story of the year.

1. Apple Acknowledges, Corrects WiFi Problems on the iPhone 5
And our top viewed story of the year was a pesky wifi problem plaguing the iPhone 5 when it first came out. Google seemed to like it and sent a lot of readers our way looking for solutions. Thankfully Apple delivered a software update that fixed the problem.

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