Microsoft, in a tongue in cheek web ad, says “comebacks come in many shapes and sizes” as it portrays an internet troll who comes to the conclusion that the software company’s new browser “sucks less.”

The 2 minute web ad features screenshots of articles praising the company’s Internet Explorer 10 browser, claiming that it better meets web standards and is faster than prior versions. Many Internet enthusiasts have urged computer users to shy away from Microsoft’s browser in recent years in favor of browsers from the Mozilla Foundation and Google.

Microsoft also launched a new website, “” that acknowledges prior criticism while pointing to improvements in the latest version. The site, in bold text, says “Curious?  It’s good now. No, Really.”

Microsoft is aggressively rolling out its new Windows 8 operating system, Surface tablet computers, and new mobile phones running Windows Phone 8 software. The company also parted ways with the executive who long managed its Windows division, Steven Sinofsky. Microsoft is trying to remake its corporate culture and product line to compete with Apple and Google who have made significant gains in the tablet and mobile space.

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