When amended vote returns were counted in Meriden and Cheshire Friday, the 13th senatorial district race was no longer close enough to force a recount, leaving Democrat Dante Bartolomeo the winner in a tight race over Meriden Republican Len Suzio.

Earlier Friday vote tallies posted on the secretary of the state’s website had the race close enough to force a recount. Bartolomeo held a 171 advantage over Suzio, which would have been within the one half of one percent margin of the total vote, forcing an automatic recount under state law.

But a little after 3 p.m. the town of Meriden amended its return leaving Suzio down by a total of 238 votes. He would have needed the margin to be within 198 votes to force a recount.

Suzio, reached by phone, said he would have liked for there to be a recount. He said given the closeness of the race and the fact that almost 40,000 people cast ballots, there was a high probability for human error.

“But the law is the law,” Suzio said.