Linda McMahon showered Connecticut’s women with professions of solidarity. They still didn’t trust her—so they handed the U.S. Senate seat she coveted to a man for the second time in three years.

McMahon ran the most expensive campaign in state history, and one of the most expensive ever in America, to try to capture Connecticut’s open U.S. Senate seat Tuesday. She lost anyway. Decisively. Her Democratic opponent, Chris Murphy, was declared the winner within moments of the polls closing.

McMahon lost because her $40-plus million makeover failed to convince women to trust her.

In investing well over $40 million for a second shot at the Senate, McMahon knew sisters were the prize. They sank her first $50 million-backed quest for a U.S. Senate seat in 2010: She narrowly won the male vote, by 4 percentage points. But women voted for her opponent, Democrat Dick Blumenthal, by 19 percentage points, handing him an easy overall victory. Read more from the New Haven Independent