Are you ready for Sandy? Here’s a list of what you need to be prepared. This time, you can be part of the solution. . .

How You Can Help and Hold Public Utilities Accountable

If you are armed with a smartphone — specifically, an iPhone, Android, or Blackberry — you can help crowdsource damage from Sandy by downloading the free SeeClickFix app for your phone here. Using the GPS in your smartphone, the app will allow you to upload a location-specific report of a problem, including photos and/or video. We’re looking for things like power outages, downed wires, trees on limbs, flooding, clogged drains, etc. This tool is for non-emergency problems, so if you need the police or fire department or an ambulance, call 911.

By reporting outages and other problems through your phone app (or even here, through your laptop or desktop computer if you have power), we can track how long it takes for damage to be repaired. When the damage is repaired, you should close your report in SeeClickFix to let us know progress has been made. And, if you are reporting a damaged utility pole, make sure you include the pole number in your report, but NEVER touch or even approach downed wires for any reason.

NOTE: This is a separate tracking project. We will try to get the utility companies to monitor these reports as well, but there is no guarantee that they will do so. That said, if you report a problem using SeeClickFix, it’s also worth reporting it directly to your local utility company to ensure prompt action. Below are links to the contact info webpages from all of the state’s various providers:

-United Illuminating
-Wallingford Electric
-Norwich Public Utilities
-Groton & Bozrah Utilities
-South Norwalk Electric & Water
-Norwalk TTD Electric Department
-Jewett City Dept. of Public Utilities

And here’s a message from about what you can do to help in your neighborhood: