Want to know all about the new iPad and iPad mini? We offer a concise set of descriptions and recommendations on the new products.  Read on:

4th Generation iPad
We were only talking about the “new” iPad in March and today Apple just announced its 4th Generation iPad. The display is identical to the current iPad with retina display, and the overall design hasn’t changed much from the iPad 2 announced in 2011. The 4th generation device does have Apple’s faster A6 processor now found in the iPhone 5. The company claims it’s now twice as fast as the previous model.

Recommendation: If you have an iPad with retina display the new iPad announced today is faster but that’s about it. There’s no compelling feature that makes this 4th generation unit a must-have. Next year’s refresh might be worth looking at depending on what features Apple adds to the device.

iPad Mini
This new smaller iPad can be grabbed by one hand relatively comfortably and fits same screen resolution in 7.9 inches as the 9.7 inch screen does on the larger iPads. This means that all existing apps will work just fine from day one without having to wait for updates to fit yet another screen size.  The mini shares the same processor as the iPad 2 which is more than adequate for existing apps and web surfing but not as high performing as the 4th generation iPad. The smaller screen is not “retina” quality like its larger sibling, making the screen appear less sharp than it does on a retina iPad or the iPhone 4, 4S, and 5 .

Recommendation:For those happy with the larger iPads there’s no compelling reason to “cross-grade” to this one especially given the screen will not be as crisp as the retina-based iPads. For those happy with the larger iPad but looking for a smaller form factor the mini is a no-brainer. But if you’re not beholden to the iOS platform, competing devices like the Kindle Fire HD and Google Nexus 7 can offer a similar 7” tablet experience with sharper, retina quality displays for $130 less. The iPad mini starts at $329 while Kindle and Nexus start at $199.

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