Republican U.S. Senate candidate Linda McMahon loaned her campaign an additional $14.8 million in the third quarter. That puts the former wrestling CEO’s total personal spending for this election cycle at $27.2 million.

That’s not as much has McMahon had loaned herself two years ago in her unsuccessful Senate race against Richard Blumenthal. At this time in 2010, she had spent $41.5 million. But it’s likely McMahon will loan herself more cash before the campaign is over, given that her Democratic opponent Chris Murphy had twice as much cash on hand at the end of September, according to his third quarter filing.

Heading into the last month of the election, Murphy had $2.2 million on hand compared to McMahon’s $1 million.

So far this election cycle, the McMahon campaign has spent about $28.9 million, whereas the Murphy camp has spent a total of $6.2 million. Of McMahon’s $28.9 million in spending, all but around $1.7 million has come from her own wealth. As of Sept. 30, Murphy had yet to loan his campaign any of his own cash.

Depending on who you ask, McMahon’s primarily self-funded campaign is either an attempt to buy an election or a resource shielding her from special interest forces. In a statement, Murphy spokesman Eli Zupnick alleged the former.

“Just like she did in 2010, Linda McMahon is spending tens of millions of dollars that she made at the WWE selling sex and violence to children to fund her desperate campaign of lies, smears, and attack ads,” Zupnick said. “But voters are focused on the issues, and no amount of money can hide McMahon’s strong support for the failed right-wing policies that Connecticut families have rejected again and again.”

Todd Abrajano, McMahon’s spokesman, pointed to the roughly $200,000 Murphy’s campaign has accepted from political action committees over the course of the election cycle. McMahon hasn’t accepted any.

“Unlike Congressman Murphy, Linda McMahon can’t be bought by special interests. During his six years in Congress, however, Chris Murphy has made it clear that if you’ve got the checkbook, he’s got your back,” he said in a statement.

Abrajano said it was even worse that Murphy claims to oppose super PAC expenditures but one of his friends is running a committee on his behalf.

“Congressman Murphy’s hypocrisy on campaign finance issues proves he is just a typical career politician who will do or say anything to keep getting elected,” he said.