This week, 29,177 state employees who have worked for the state for more than a decade will each be rewarded with a “longevity” bonus in their paycheck.

An estimated $11.92 million will go to 25,972 union employees, and about $6.11 million will go to 3,205 non-union employees and political appointees. The average payment for union employees is about $458 and the average payment for non-union employees is about $3,816, according to information provided by the state comptroller’s office.

The non-union employees topping the list include James Blake, an executive vice president at Southern Connecticut State University, who will take home an additional $6,768.99; Michael Pernal, an executive vice provost at Eastern Connecticut State University, will bring home $6,685.03; Walter Bernstein, the vice president of student affairs at Western Connecticut State University, will receive $6,122.65; Stephen Eckels, deputy auditor at the Auditor of Public Accounts, will receive $5,882; and Carrie Ellen Vibert, of legislative management, will receive $5,881.58.

Union employees bringing home the biggest bonuses include Carol Williams, Walter Zincavage, and Kimberly Chagnon, who will get checks for $4,046.92.

No state employee hired on or after July 1, 2011, will receive a longevity payment and those who currently receive them have had them frozen at last year’s level.

Click here for a list of non-union employees, and here for a list of union employees.