(Updated 12:32 p.m.) “If I had remembered in August I wouldn’t be here today,” one voter said as she got into her car Tuesday at John F. Kennedy School in Windsor.

Leo Canty, one of the two candidates running in the court-ordered revote of the 5th Assembly District, said it’s not often that voters get a second shot. Brandon McGee, the other candidate, said voters are excited because they now know every vote counts.

“People who didn’t get a chance to vote before feel their vote could have made a difference,” McGee said outside his Hartford headquarters.

The Democratic primary between Canty, of Windsor, and McGee, of Hartford, ended in a tie in August. Since that time there have been two recounts, a court-ordered revote, and an infusion of nearly $40,000 into the race by a school reform group that is backing McGee.

Canty, the vice president of AFT Connecticut, the second-largest teacher’s union in the state, believes voters will reject the last-minute attempt by an outside group to sway the election.

“Democracy doesn’t have a price tag,” Maria Alfonso, a Canty volunteer from Wethersfield, said.

The money came from the Greater New England Public School Alliance, a group affiliated with Michelle Rhee’s StudentsFirst organization. Alfonso called the funds “an attack on unions and ultimately and attack on the community.”

Liam Sweeney, McGee’s campaign manager, has said he had no knowledge of the independent expenditure on behalf of his candidate and believes the two candidates are getting caught up in an issue that’s bigger than both of them.

“They’re using me to get to him, and it’s unfortunate,” McGee told Windsor Patch. “It’s unfortunate that four days before an election . . . these people can just come out of nowhere and do what they want, and the candidate has no control over it.”

Check back later for more on the election. Polls are open until 8 p.m.