Apple’s support representatives acknowledged difficulties some iPhone 5 early adopters are having connecting to WiFi access points, which has now been resolved in an update to the iOS operating system.

The issues involved weak signal strength, no connections at all, as well as problems staying connected to access points that are secured by WPA or WPA2 encryption.

CTTechJunkie confirmed the WPA/WPA2 issue with our iPhone 5. The phone will connect and operate for brief periods of time before the connection freezes up and becomes unusable. Connecting to an unencrypted access point or one protected with the less secure WEP standard does not result in the same issue.

Users on Apple’s support forums reported that Apple stores were handing replacement phones to users impacted by the issue. But the recent update of iOS, 6.01, seems to have corrected the problem in software.

To check for the update, select the settings app and tap software update. The iPhone will update itself over the air and should be plugged in during the software update.

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