The candidates seeking the Democratic nomination in the 5th Assembly District are back to being tied Monday after a recount of all three polling places in Windsor.

Judge A. Susan Peck ordered the unprecedented second recount of the Windsor polling places and Hartford’s absentee ballots on Friday. Hartford will count the absentee ballots at 2 p.m. Tuesday.

The race was moved back to a tie Monday when election officials in Windsor found the alleged missing ballot for Brandon McGee stuck to another ballot in the stack. There also were three absentee ballots cast for which election officials failed to cross off the name of the voters on a master list. Those votes were counted, but it’s unclear how the judge will handle them since it’s a violation of election regulations. It’s possible those votes could be thrown out.

There also is one uncounted, sealed ballot in Windsor from a voter who died between the time they voted and the Aug. 14 primary. That vote hasn’t been counted.

“There are lurking questions,” candidate Leo Canty said. “If we had taken my advice and all agreed to a re-vote, none of this would be necessary.”

McGee, a political newcomer who is making his first run for office, filed a lawsuit after the first recount certified Canty the winner by a single vote.

McGee’s attorney, William Sweeney, argued in the lawsuit that there was a ballot missing in Windsor for his client because the tabulator counted 526 votes, but there were only 525 ballots counted during the recount.

The second recount found all 526 ballots, moving the election back to a tie.

“I’d like to see the process through,” McGee said Monday, unwilling to make predictions in what has been a rollercoaster ride for both candidates.

Regardless of what happens with the Democratic nomination, Deputy Windsor Mayor Al Simon, who is helping Canty with his campaign, said Canty will still be on the November ballot.

Canty won the support of the Working Families Party and will appear on the ballot in November along with Republican Board of Education member Paul Panos, who also is from Windsor.

“We would like the Democratic nomination,” Simon said.

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