(Updated 5 p.m.) YouTube may have taken down the “edgier” video footage from the early days of the WWE, but they’re not the only Internet video service. The Connecticut Democratic Party decided to switch to Vimeo Monday morning, but by the afternoon that video was gone too.

Elizabeth Larkin, spokeswoman for the Connecticut Democratic Party, said she doesn’t believe the video infringes on the WWE’s copyrights. She said since YouTube took them down they went to their competitor, Vimeo, to upload them.

The WWE was not immediately available to respond to the change in video venue, but it seems to have challenged it.

“Vimeo has removed or disabled access to the following material as a result of a third-party notification by World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. claiming that this material is infringing,” the website where the video was upload currently says.

Linda McMahon, the former CEO of WWE, is a Republican running for the U.S. Senate against three-term Democratic Congressman Chris Murphy.

“The fact is that Linda McMahon made millions marketing sex, violence, necrophilia, and abusive treatment of women to children – all at the expense of the health and safety of her own workers – and is now spending a fortune on attacks and lies to try and distract from her record,” the Connecticut Democratic Party said in a press release.

“We’re going to keep communicating with voters about her record,” Larkin said after the video was pulled Monday.

The WWE put out a statement around 7 p.m. Monday reiterating its position that the product they produce is rated PG.

“Since 2008, all WWE broadcast programming has been rated TV-PG. With that knowledge, the CT Democratic Party, today, posted on Vimeo some of WWE’s edgier and dated material produced in 2002 and 2006, while superimposing “PG-TV?” over the video graphic,” Brian Flinn, senior vice president of communications and marketing, said Monday. “These dirty tricks are a blatant and obvious attempt to mislead the public, as if this dated content is reflective of our current TV-PG programming. This is one of the reasons why WWE will take down all such dated programming from all digital platforms.”

Vimeo was not immediately available for comment.