The SOS message Chris Murphy sent out at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte was heard loud and clear by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, which didn’t anticipate having to spend money in a blue state like Connecticut.

According to Politico the DSCC diverted resources from New Mexico in order to spend $320,000 in Connecticut helping the three-term Congressman with his U.S. Senate race against Republican Linda McMahon.

“Connecticut voters deserve to know the real Linda McMahon,” Matt Canter, spokesman for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, said in a press release detailing their newest television advertisement.

A traditionally blue state, McMahon, has done a such a good job in her second try for the U.S. Senate seat that polls show the two in a statistical dead heat. McMahon, who lost by 12 points in 2010 to Richard Blumenthal after spending $50 million, spent most of the summer focused on defining Murphy and softening her own image.

Polls show that her strategy seems to be working. McMahon is making in roads with women and independent voters.

“McMahon’s 54 – 42 percent lead among men swamps Murphy’s small 50 – 46 percent lead among women,” Doug Schwartz, director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute, said. “McMahon leads 88 – 10 percent among Republicans and 55 – 40 percent among independent voters, while Murphy takes Democrats 82 – 16 percent.”

Murphy is still an unknown commodity statewide with the same Aug. 28 Quinnipiac University poll showing that there are still 32 percent voters who have not heard enough about him to form an opinion.

Over the past month, McMahon launched a series of attacks regarding Murphy’s Congressional attendance record in 2008 to his brush with foreclosure in 2007 to his delinquent property tax payment in 2005, and his failure to pay rent in 2003.

On Sunday the McMahon campaign filed an ethics complaint against Murphy alleging that he received favorable treatment for a home equity line of credit from Webster Bank in exchange for his work on the House Financial Services Committee and the passage of the Troubled Asset Relief Program. It’s an allegation the bank and Murphy both deny.

On Wednesday after a Sept. 11th cease fire, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and the Murphy campaign went on the offensive against McMahon with similar ads depicting her as a greedy CEO who doesn’t care about her employees.

Sound familiar? It’s the same strategy employed by Blumenthal in 2010.

“Profits before people,” was a tagline used by the Blumenthal campaign and it was trotted out again Wednesday at the end of the DSCC ad.

The Murphy campaign ad, which was also release Wednesday morning, wasn’t much different.

“Greedy CEO Linda McMahon was never on our side. And she won’t be as Senator,” the narrator in the Murphy ad says at the end of the ad.

Corry Bliss, McMahon’s campaign manager, fired back at the two ads, claiming they won’t work.

“Congressman Chris Murphy and his Washington cronies are sadly mistaken if they think they can resuscitate his flailing U.S. Senate campaign by spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on false and unsubstantiated television attack ads,“ Bliss said. “The people of Connecticut will see these ads for exactly what they are: a desperate congressman and a bunch of Washington insiders trying to manipulate Connecticut voters in an effort to guarantee another go-along, get-along politician another term in office.”

McMahon’s campaign was quick to respond with this radio ad that admits the WWE laid off employees in 2009, but it claims it recovered from the recession and has more employees now than it did prior to the layoffs.